Eventfinity to Beyond

As Virtual events continue to build, we are experiencing new platforms that give you the opportunity to amplify your audience experience!

Facebook Live Overview for Virtual Events

Facebook Live is a popular choice for those transitioning small webinars and live training to the virtual world due to its user friendly interface and already-established audiences.

Pitch Decks Are Not One Size Fits All

The most important thing to remember with any pitch deck is that it’s not about you.

Zoom Video Communications Overview

In the wake of offices, schools, and other in-person gatherings shutting down, Zoom quickly became a simple and popular solution to staying connected in a virtual world.

All About Cisco WebEx, A Secure Zoom Alternative

Owned by Cisco Communications, Webex (also referred to as Webinar) is one of the most secure online meeting interfaces.

Better Than A Zoom Call- The Virtual Networking Platform of the Future

Remo is one of our preferred softwares because it is web-based and easy to use. Anyone who can use Zoom or Webex can use Remo–it has the universal feel of virtual meetings with a sleek look.

Big Firms Are Just Catching Up

With the pandemic taking away live event after live event, big firms are finally catching up and realizing that the big shows aren’t the only shows that are important.

Business World of Warcraft- The Future is Here

Imagine World of Warcraft meets a business meeting. Imagine Pokemon Go but you’re catching those opportunities to networking conversations with some top executives. Being able to interact and network without leaving your home (because you can’t during the pandemic) is the face of Gamerjibe.